Upcoming Events

  • Women's Discernment

    This fall we'll be reading
    "Pray, Decide, and Don't Worry" by
    Bobbie & Jackie Angel and Fr. Mike Schmitz.  Books will be provided.
    Join us Monday  evenings after Mass at Emmaus House (320 MAC Ave)

    Email dhausmann@dioceseoflansing.org

  • Tuesday, Nov 17, 7:00pm
    Red Flagins in Relationships...

  • Priesthood Discernment

    Guys aged 18-30,
    college, grad, or from the parish
    are invited to learn more about the call to
    the priesthood & religious life, discernment,
    Seminary, or openness to serving God
    in ministry.  

    Email frmikec@elcatholics.org
    to learn more!